IKEA Social

Series of social posts with a twist to the First World Problems and IKEA’s take on creative First World Solutions.



#FirstWorldProblem: My mum’s curry makes my eyes tear up. #FirstWorldSolution: If you need some space (or time) away from uncomfortable feelings or smells, but still want to eat together with family, the BJURSTA extendable table can help with that.


#FirstWorldProblem: Losing my biscuit in a cup of tea. #FirstWorldSolution: Get your biscuit-dunking-timing down to a science (without learning the actual physics behind it) with our short, clear, heat-resistant IKEA 365+ glasses.


#FirstWorldProblem: My purse won't close because there's too much in it. #FirstWorldSolution: Whether you're carrying large pieces of furniture, or large amounts of money, there's never too much for our FRAKTA bags.


#FirstWorldProblem: My neighbour’s wall is the same colour as mine. #FirstWorldSolution: For a home that’s unique to you, and you only, simply turn your rugs into fashionable wall tapestry.


#FirstWorldProblem: My tweets always go over the character limit. #FirstWorldSolution: Write all your thoughts down on a napkin and snap a photo for posting. After all, a picture makes up for 1000 words.


#FirstWorldProblem: My lipstick stained all my cups. #FirstWorldSolution: Instead of using white cups, try our dark VARDAGEN mugs to hide the stains better.


#FirstWorldProblem: Too lazy to dress up for the food delivery person. #FirstWorldSolution: The IKEA PS 2017 throw was made for you to throw on when you don’t feel like putting makeup or your nice clothes on for that stranger who rings your doorbell.


#FirstWorldProblem: Need a holiday to recover from my other holiday. #FirstWorldSolution: Take a staycation at home with our new RISÖ hammock. Sway away in your garden, or above your bed.


#FirstWorldProblem: Had too much garlic, now the toilet smells. #FirstWorldSolution: You can’t control how your body digests food, but you can control what your toilet smells like with our FRISKHET scent container / scented candles.


#FirstWorldProblem: Too hungry to sleep but too lazy to get out of bed. #FirstWorldSolution: You can still have the best of both worlds if you stash your snacks away in the BRIMNES day-bed with drawers.


#FirstWorldProblem: My manicure gets ruined whenever I prep food. #FirstWorldSolution: Save time and your fingers with the #SPRITTA slicer.


#FirstWorldProblem: My partner isn’t a good ‘Instagram Husband’. #FirstWorldSolution: Even if you don’t look 💯 on social media, you will in the #LOTS mirror.


Client: IKEA
Agency: BBH Singapore
Role: Art Director + Illustrator + Motionographer
Creative Director: Gaston Soto Denegri
Copywriter: KC Hong