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2019.07.19.00:59. “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” - Dr. Seuss. Soundtrack: Feel So High by Eklo & Pegato


2019.07.26.11:09. “I've never been an academic, I never did well at school. Never made the grade like we're all told we're supposed to do. I was slow, and to cope, I would joke and be a teacher’s fool. Just to hide it. He said, I'll never come to much, I'll never be no good. I didn't fit in the vision of the curriculum like I should. Who says a test is the best way to get us understood? I don't think so. Don't think so, no. Here I am. Tell me, what I gotta lose? Tell me, what I gotta prove? Here I am. Ain't no win without a fail. So let me fail forward, hey. Here I am.” Soundtrack: Here I Am by Charlie Winston


2019.08.16.11:29. “Night, splendid night, let a star fall, let it teach my children that there is nothing more beautiful than to be true, to have a pure spirit. Feet planted on the ground and I look to the future.” Soundtrack: Ali di Libertà by Andrea Bocelli


2018.05.30.00:15. Perhaps we are nothing but functional alcoholics. We cloud ourselves with obfuscation, we drown ourselves with delicious delusions. And we all squeeze back into our own little home, back into secrecy. Soundtrack: Good Time by Amine Edge & DANCE

2019.07.22.01:37. The words I heard from you today, to be a comforting soul, so unpretentiously beautiful and quietly profound, and to give, give and forget. Soundtrack: Air En Sol by Georgia Funmanti


2019.08.02.10:50. Fall, bare your wounds like a little child, cry, drain those big blue eyes, it’s okay to be sad. It’s really okay to be sad. Soundtrack: Hazey by Glass Animals


2019.08.05.11:05. ”What would it matter if your friends knew? Who cares what other people say anyway. Oh, we can go far from the end and make a new world together.” Soundtrack: New Light by John Mayer.